Jaypee Convent School to be a Mentor for elementary education to their children. Students are encouraged to build their Physical, Mental & Moral Aspects. We provide many academic and extra curricular activities for students to exploit their talents.
At Jaypee Convent School we believe in qualitative education, thus the teacher student ratio is as low so as possible, Because of that Interaction between Students & Teacher is an exclusive bonding & beyond the imagination. Teachers are able analyze the Hidden talent of Students that’s were Jaypeeians makes a difference . Parents play a vital role in framing the future of their wards, therefore parents are always entertain for interaction with teachers. Parent Teacher Meeting are organized on month to month basis. Jaypee Convent School provide Education in such way that always enhance Students to be a creative, knowledgeable, imagination ,Productive too.
Jaypee Convent School provide huge playground, lush garden, bigger & airy classroom with all basic Require amenities.The Nursery students are capitalize with lots of care , love and kindergarten method with toys and teaching aids.
Jaypee Convent School students are been trained in Sports , Yoga & taekwondo to keep themselves fit & fine.
Jaypee Convent School is benchmark in Asha Khera opp. SRMS Business Management College, Lucknow Kanpur Highway, Unnao. Providing facilitation to the children of Unnao District & parents too. Jaypee Convent convent school provides trained teachers from Lucknow city to improvise the knowledge of the students & bring both category of the students (rural& urban at the same platform)
Jaypee Convent School had took up the challenge to bring the standards of rural area students upto urban area thus students can stand in front of the urban student at very low cost.
Jaypee Convent School Provide Transportation to all the Students are eligible for Pick & delivery.

VISIONS - JAYPEEIANS prepares their students to understand the phenomenal changes in Society & accordingly Jaypee Convent School Teachers trained there students to make contribution in changing era in upcoming years &will make remarkable presence in society.

MISSION - We at Jaypee Convent School will ensure that our students develop in both the skills as Technical education & Socially acceptance in Society. We at Jaypee Convent School will provides the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for National & International communities.